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Klein’s Chimney Sweep provides a wide variety of cleaning services for your fireplace. We use clean, time-tested methods and industry tools to ensure that all areas of your fireplace, flu, damper, firebox, and chimney, are clean and free of obstruction. 

We employ professional tried & true techniques to ensure a clean fireplace without spreading ash & soot to your living space. Drop cloths are place on hearth & floor areas & a soot vacuum controls ash & dust. 

How you ask? Essentially, a specially designed vacuum takes in approximately 400 cubic feet of air per minute; creating a small tornado-like effect in the combustion chamber. This removal of air creates negative air pressure which in turn forces airborne ash & soot up & out the chimney while the flue is being brushed.

Our services include:

  • Masonry fireplace-sweep/clean-$180 & up, factory built-$185 & up 
  • Wood Stove and Wood Stove Insert Cleaning- Starting at $180 
  • Chimney Caps, Bird Caps, and Animal Guards- Starting at $95
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning - Starting at $75

*Minor mileage fees apply for homes outside of Sangamon County

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