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About Us

Owner Rod Kneller’s start as a chimney sweep is an interesting story. In 2001, Rod hired Bill Klein, founder of  "Bill Klein’s Chimney Sweep", to service the chimneys at his house, and became one of Bill's loyal customers. Fast forward ten years and Rod was searching for a career change, Bill just happened to be searching for someone to pass the torch to...

When Rod pitched the idea of buying Bill's business to his wife, he was met with skepticism “Ladders, roofs, soot, and ashes? Why would you want to leave your comfy career in spa management to do all that?” Rod tabled the idea until the opportunity flared to life again three years later...

Rod Kneller's wife was at her parents’ home visiting while Bill Klein was there sweeping the fireplace. A conversation was struck up about the chimney sweep business that was entertaining, exciting, and intriguing.  This inspired Mrs. Kneller, who then went to Rod and together they dusted off that idea of the Knellers becoming the new owners of "Klein’s Chimney Sweep". After many conversations, meetings, and a training and transition period, the Springfield sweeper torch was successfully passed!  Rod Kneller began his own chimney sweep tradition of clean, safe, affordable service that continues to this day. Contact Us Today!